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The journey from a vision to reality

For any brand to stand out in this modern ecosystem, it is important to establish a unique connect that adds value and sophistication to consumers’ life in an unseen yet memorable way.  And for this, a holistic approach with a creative edge can make all the difference. From understanding your vision to creating a brand’s emblem, visionary lines, colour palettes, social approach, target market, we delve into the world to bring unusual yet useful to your targeted consumers.

User interactions with functionality and Friendliness

A game changing user experience customized to  inventory/products usage, texture and benefits to gain attraction and help convert into sale.  And Humming Herd makes it a point to create every online shop with

  • Super User friendliness
  • Best Website speed
  • Enhanced readability
  • Apt navigation
  • Mobile friendly
  • Portray Visual story 
  • Smooth payment gateway
  • Easy Live support 
  • Personalized recommendations


No ONE is Perfect

And that's why we are a team with members perfect in ideation, creation & implementation.

So fortunately but  quite unusually  we are a  team that holds immense experience in modern day online shop & online selling in respective fields and has the capability to create the brand for that real success keeping in view your vision.

We take the extra effort to create a plan that precisely addresses the requirements and objectives of the company while creating web strategies for businesses.

Thoughtful Strategy

When Humming Herd begins working with a new partner, we dive straight into understanding what the business wants to achieve. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all plans because every company has its unique needs. It’s like creating a special recipe just for you instead of using a generic cookbook.


The creation of a unique identity through colors, emblem, visionary lines, typography, graphics, brand values together add life to a brand. And Humming Herd with its years of experience is way ahead in working holistically on each area to put the branding in sync with products across various platforms.

Product Focus

The product is everything and selling it needs understanding on its usage, benefits, competitor analysis etc. which help us strategize the market approach and thereby create online shop & other social platforms and advertisements.


Be it any work, transparency is the key to its long lasting happy relationship. And hence we do everything keeping in mind the interest of the client by sharing every minor detail in every step initiated and accomplished. Because what’s lost and gained in the journey needs an analysis for next month planning and brand owners vision and their research too plays a significant role.

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